Hearing Aid Dehumidifier and Two Year Supply of Material

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The HD-1 from SiliCare "a Sorbent Media Brand" is a Hearing Aid maintenance device like no other.   We start with the most powerful adsorbent desiccant material available for removing moisture.  Then we've sprinkled in "indicating Silica Gel" to let you know precisely when it's time to change out the adsorbent material.

Now comes the cool part... weighing in at 3.3 ounces, as you can see from the images, this device has two chambers.  One for your hearing aid and one for the desiccant material.  Air flows from the top chamber to the bottom chamber (see image) trapping water molecules and using gravity to do a much better job of sucking the moisture out of your Hearing Aid and keeping it BONE DRY.  The HD-1 is a Patent Pending device that truly exceeds expectations when it comes to simple protection of your investment.  It will keep your Hearing Aid free of corrosion and water damage and comes with a LIFETIME Guarantee for performance when used as directed.

FYI: My mom loves this product... and if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for anyone!


  • The Patent Pending HD-1 Hearing Aid Dryer device.
  • Device Chamber
  • Desiccant Chamber
  • 10.6 ounces of replacement (specialized formula) desiccant
  • 15 grams of "indicating Silica Gel" to show replacement time
  • Lifetime Guarantee for HD-1 (when used as directed)
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • The HD-1 is 100% Made in the USA!