Desiccant Canister, Silica Gel

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These desiccant canisters are filled with your choice of blue, orange, or white silica gel. These canisters are specially designed to hold silica gel, while providing the airflow required for moisture to come in contact with the silica gel and allow water to be adsorbed.

These silica gels are all color changing, which means you'll know exactly when they are fully used and need to be replaced or regenerated. The blue and the white silica gels turn pink and the yellow silica gel turns green.

There are many great uses for these canisters. Examples include: photographers keep one canister in their camera bag or with film supplies, especially on the chance of rainy days. In tackle boxes, a canister will help remove to dry out lures, weights, hooks, etc., and keep the overall condition of the box cleaner. They can be used to dry out tents, hammocks, and sleeping bags after camping trips.

Moisture Adsorber Boxes

Product Size: 2.2"x2.2"x1"
Product Features: dehumidification and moisture control
Aperture: fine pore silica gel
Color: white, blue, and orange options
Shipping Details: Inventory in the USA, please allow up to two (2) weeks for delivery.