Gun Safe Bags for Moisture Control

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  • Moisture Reducing Silica Gel Bags (2 bags per unit)
  • Each Bag Contains at least 250 Grams of Yellow Silica Gel
  • Zipper packaging allows one bag to be stored while the first is in use
  • A small investment for protecting the valuable and expensive possessions that you keep locked in the safe
  • Packaged and Inventoried in Houston, Texas by Local Community Members

Not Only Will These Camouflage Bags Look Great in Your Gun Safe, These Pouches are Filled with Silica Gel, which Will Help Control the Moisture Inside Your Safe. The Free Moisture in Safes can Cause Damage to the Very Things You're Aiming to Protect. Excess Moisture and Humidity can Cause Metals to Rust, such as Guns, Ammunition, Knives, Jewelry, and more. To Secure the Integrity of Your Valuables, The Silica Gel in These Bags Will Remove Excess Moisture and Help Create a Climate Controlled Environment Inside of Your Safe. Upon Purchase, Most Safes Contain a Silica Gel Pack Inside and it's Important for Safe Owners to Replace this Packet when it's No Longer Useful.

Our Camo Pouches Contain a Specialized Silica Gel that Uses a pH Indicator that Turns the Silica Gel Beads from Yellow to Dark Green as They Adsorb Water. This Means that You Will be able to Literally See the Silica Gel Actively Protecting and Maintaining Dry Conditions Within the Safe, and When the Silica Gel Turns Totally Green, You Will Know Exactly When to Replace or Reactive the Silica Gel. These Bags of Silica Gel Gives Gun and Safe Owners more Control over Protecting their Locked Up Possessions.

In Addition to Safes and Storage Containers, these Silica Gel Pouches are also Great for All Your Outdoor Gear that is Prone to Getting Wet such as: Tackle Boxes, Kayaks, Boats, Life Jackets, Tents and Tarps, Tool Boxes, and more.