Moisture Adsorbing Desiccant Pouches

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  • Breathable cloth bag filled with Silica-Gel
  • Outstanding quality product and raw materials
  • Packaged by locals in the community of Houston, Texas
  • Rechargable / Regenerable
  • Two bags per package - You get two (2) in each heat-sealed, white zipper bag
These bags are ideal for the office or in the house to help maintain a comfortable level of humidity by removing excess moisture from the open air. The Silica Gel Inside Turns from Yellow to Green When it's Time to be Reactivated, Allowing the You to See the Product is Working. They can be Reused Several Times and Come in various styles.
Electronics: Water and electronics generally don't mix well and these pouches will help ensure your electronics stay dry. Leave a bag on your nightstand to help reduce excess moisture around hearing aids, your phone while it's charging overnight, and your smartwatch.
Around the House Place one in your camera bag, near your desktop computer or gaming console, and in your media case or entertainment center to protect DVDs, Vinyls, VHS tapes, and other items that can be damaged by long term water exposure. SAFES These pouches can extend the shelf-life of important documents, photographs, and other paper items from water damage and fading. CLOTHES Leave a bag in your closet to help reduce odors and while protecting your shoes, clothes, and handbags. These bags are also ideal for storage containers that hold your winter clothes, seldom worn outfits, or shoes and purses that are set aside for long periods of time; removing moisture will help ensure the integrity of leather, suede, and other fabrics, which offers an extended lifespan during storage. BATHROOM Place a bag in your bathroom, on top of the toilet or on the counter top to help control moisture, reducing the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. KITCHEN In the kitchen, these bags can reduce moisture and odors that come along with cooking and food handling, which can help prevent bugs and create a more comfortable environment. LUGGAGE and TRAVELING When storing luggage or while traveling, these pouches are a perfect addition to your suitcases to help maintain the lifespan of your luggage while not in use, or to help protect your clothes and other valuables while traveling.