SodiumX Plus [NaX+] Molecular Sieve (20x40 Bead)

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SodiumX Plus Molecular Sieve, 20x40 mesh Beads
  • Available in Multiple Packaging Options:
    • 1 Pound Bag (actual weight: 1lb, 2oz)
    • 11 Pound Drum (actual weight: 5kg)
  • Our ISO Certified manufacturing process and multiple quality control checkpoints allows us to deliver reliable products to our users
  • For use in industrial, laboratory, or personal applications
  • Local packaging and inventory available in Houston, Texas
SodiumX Plus Molecular Sieve, or Zeolite, is Commonly Used for High Capacity, High Purity Oxygen Generation. Due to its Small Bead Size, this SodiumX Plus has Rapid Adsorption/Desorption Rates, which is Ideal for Removing Nitrogen from Atmospheric Air and Creating Streams of High Purity Oxygen. Oxygen Purity Generally is Measured to be Around 95% Purity, but can Reach Higher Levels (Up to 99%).

This Product also Suitable for Industrial Processes and can be Used to Deeply Dehydrate Gas Streams for Cryogenic Separation, to Purify Ammonia Synthesis Gas, Remove Odorous Sulfur Compounds from Aerosol Propellants, or Dehydrate Streams of Compressed Air, Instrument Air, and Inert Gases.


  • Air Separation
  • Cryogenic Separation
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Oil Refining
  • Oxygen Generation